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torsdag 26. mars 2009

A delayed weekend-resume...from familyparty

Hello everybody!
This is my second try to write this blog, so I hope for success now! ;-)
Last weekend we were in Sylling to celebrate my niece`s 17`th birthday. Her name is Camilla, and she is also the "mother" to Cindy, the very qute Cocker spaniel you have seen on this blog before.
Camilla is quite busy with school, but her favorite hobbie is to practice with Cindy, and hope to take her to exhibition one day. She is also a very loving and caring young lady, and has always been like that, so I really care for her and whish her all the best.
About Cindy, the 4 legged "niece", is also a bit naughty sometimes and loves to eat glowes, socks, panties, but most of the time she is a very cozy, loving little dog, like here with me. :-)
We all had a very nice evening, with very tasty food, dessert, snacks ++, and in fact it was also the first time that we ate on their new beautiful kitchen. My brother and sister in law, Heidi and Roald, have moved a lot of times the last years, but now I hope it is the last time for them..
Here they are in the new kitchen.
Roald is my husbands brother and they are a quite small family but we try to meet as often we can, and are always having a good time together.
Last sunday was very warm and beautiful so we spent a lot of time outside on the terrase, and the "kids" and Cindy were having a lot of fun sledging down the long field, beside their house.
Here is Eirik, our son, who does not like to be taken pictures from...
The "old" ones where chilling in the sun after having the snow outside of the balcony.
But at home in Kongsberg we still have a lot of snow, so it will take a long time before we can sit at our terrace. Maybe in easter-holiday if we can clear away the snow.

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  1. Oh my goodness. Our kids our sooooo very jealous of all your snow! Still so much of it!