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søndag 3. mai 2009

Eirik`s confirmation

Long time no see...because I have been busy with the preparations for the confirmation. Beside two conserts with "my" choir...But now everything is finished, I can relax and do a lot of other stuff and prepare for my holiday to the States in 2 weeks :-D So first I want to share some pics from my sons confirmation. Because of this terrible programme "#¤&%&/%&/)&/&/) Im getting really mad!!, I don`t manage to get the photoes where I want them, so they come in a real mess, but with some explaining text.
This is a cake for celebration in Norway (and maybe other places too), called "whinches-cake" free translation! ha-ha It is made of almonds and egg-white and sugar. And I bought it from an expert.
This is my gelly-cake and is also made of a bottom of almonds, and gelly, some of it mixed with whipped cream, and it is very good to put fresh strawberrys or raspberries into it. This is a marzipan-cake from the lokal baker, with a photoprint on ricepaper on it. Very qute pict. of Eirik 2 years old. This is the flowers where Eirik was sitting
Eirik and Bjørn
Eirik is wishing everybody welcome to his celebration
And this is the name-card I made for every-one. Eirik is very fond of soccer
And a small glimt of the room and the table at Kongsberg Vandrerhjem, where we had the celebration. Very nice place.
Everything turned out well, and Eirik was very satisfied with the day, and so were Bjørn and I

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  1. Oooh, everything turned out splendid. The food looks delicious and the decorations were beautiful. We are looking forward to your visit and I hope you get some much needed rest and relaxation on your trip!!!

  2. Jammen tro du til med en ordentlig oppdatering! Kjempefine bordkort og flott bord - kjekk konfirmant også! Ser ut som om det ble en vellykket dag for alle sammen. Og deilig å ha det ute - da kan alle kose seg i selskapet!!