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mandag 6. april 2009

Springtime and easter. Yeah,-feeling alive :-)

Hi everybody! I am so happy nowadays because the snow is melting pretty fast and I can look foreward to green grass and flowers and the smell of earth. Mmm :-) But right now it is easter holiday in Norway (and a lot of other places as well) so I want to share some history with you. This year is kind of special since Anders, my oldest son, is in Nashville as exhange student with Per and Zandra, and Eirik my youngest son is 14 and does not think it is funny to go skiing etc. Therefore I will show some old easter pics. This one is from the easter 2003, taken at the top of Blefjell. Anders, Bjørn and I had a beautiful ski-trip.
Ha-ha, and this is the same year of Eirik and Tor Håkon, who are trying to dry their wet socks over the barbeque. Maybe they tried to eat them as well with ketchup and mustard ;-) Yammi, yammi..
This beautiful picture is from 2004, when we were in Voss and had a wonderful ski-trip at Rong and could see down at the Hardangerfjord. I really love this one <3
Here we are visiting uncle Halvor in Sømådalen, which is stated middle/east in Norway near the famous lake Femunden and not very far from Sweden. From 2005
Here is Anders and Bjørn at Blefjell by the fire, barbequing sausages. We also have marsmallows to barbeque.
And what is this?? Yes, this is some of my frog-collection. You now may think I am a bit crazy, and yes I am! I have a hang up to frogs in all kind of varieties, but prefer to have them "dead" at least inside the house...
More from the same table, but just a small part of my total collection. I guess I have abt. 40-50 different kind of frogs in a lot of materials. Maybe I show you some more of it later....
easter ornaments made by the kids a looong time ago.
...and here are some nice ones made of ceramics, also made by the kids :-)
These woolen chickens, I have made some years ago, except from the one in the middle, which is bought
And finally som sign of life from my garden. These are growing at the south side of the house... .....together with these qute blue ones.... ...along this flowerbed (?) is that the right word for it?
While at the north side of our house the snow will stay for at least 3-4 weeks I think.