Velkommen inn i min verden...

Så hyggelig at du har lyst til å ta en titt inn her. Skriv gjerne en hilsen/kommentar om du har lyst!

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søndag 6. september 2009

Hello everybody, I`m back again ;-)

Long time no see from me. Well, in the summer I get a little lazy with everything, also handicrafts and blogging, but I have made something, and here you can see it.This mobilehouse, I made during our faboulus trip to the States in the end of May. I was crocheting, while Bjørn was driving :-). This is my newest project, a typical Hilde design of a pair of pot holders. Here made in Retro-style with colors from the 1970`s. But the colors are a bit more clear than they seems to be on this picture. And this is an old fashioned pattern, called pineapple pattern, because of the shape that appears on this small crocheted table cloth. It is made with a crochet pin 1,25 mm, so it was very tiny, but fun to make.And this is a patch, made from wool, from the dog, named Frigg, at the top of the page. That was a hard thing to do, but when I started to wash the wool inside this plastic, with the rubber gloves it finally were kept together. The red heart is a piece of yarn from alpacca goat. It is also washed in while I tried to make the dog-wool to one piece Well, this is what I had from the summer production, but I promise to come back soon.
So long, and have a great time! :-)