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onsdag 21. januar 2009

Snowing i Norway, and something creative

Hi there! l thought it was abt. time to show something l have made, since the name of this blog is Hildes creative corner! So this is my "newest" product, a pair of pot-holders for my brother, who has got a new kitchen. These kind of handicrafts are among my favourites, because it goes so fast to make a pair, and everybody needs it. Another time l will show you more of this production. But the last couple of days it has been snowing a lot in Norway, so l have been out a lot to shuffle the snow away, because Bjørn, my husband, is in California..(he says he is working, but l think he just chillin in the sun, and take a bath in the pool ..;-) ) Spending so much time outside is a good thing in more ways. 1: l get fresh air. 2. l get exercize from taking all that heavy snow away. and 3. l see a lot of beautiful motives that l can take a picture from, and show it to you. So this is the sunset on tuesday outside our house. Beautiful, isn`t it?
And here you can see how much snow that we got the last 4 days. Now infact it is getting warmer, so the snow has started to melt..:-( Then it will be a lot of ice on the roads soon, and that is not good. The picture under is from our terrasse.
and from the frontside
and just a big pinetree with a lot of snow on it
and the Old bridge in Kongsberg
Hope it wan`t snow so much more while Bjørn is gone, and right now it doesnt seems like it will eighter...
Have a nice day!

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